Reasons to Buy From Deals on Wheels

  1. We are more about you than your circumstances. Lots of Good people have bad credit  If you live or work in the Missoula area, can document your income, and are honest about your circumstances, you are almost pre-approved for our program.
  2. Not rich enough to buy with cash?   Join the club.  All prices, down payments, monthly payments are displayed in each window of each one of our cars.  Some down payments are even as low as $100…and working class Missoula paychecks are enough to cover our car loans.  Full disclosure with no surprises and no games.  You will enjoy financing a car with us.
  3. Ever make a decision you regret later?   It’s no Problem here!  With our 2-Day, Money Back Guarantee, you can feel comfortable with your decision to do business with us… If not, bring it back and we will refund your money…No questions asked.
  4. When a challenge comes up, we’re here with you.  We promise to “all ways meet you half way” with whatever challenges come up in making your car payment.  New job?  Different pay dates?  Miss work because of an injury?  As long as you are doing what you can,  chances are we can help you the rest of the way.
  5. All cars eventually break down.  We can help.  All of our cars come with a 6-month 6000-mile warranty.  Even though used cars are unpredictable, our PROMISE to stand behind our warranty stands strong.
  6. We want you to own the car you drive.  With a low 19.95% annual interest rate, your payment actually goes to paying off your car.  Most of our customers have their loans paid off free and clear after about 36 months.
  7. You are not just buying a’re joining our family.  It may be old fashioned, but we actually do care about our customers.  It surprises some people…but you will even hear from us on your birthday!

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