Why Buy An Extended Warranty

Think of it as repair insurance once the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. With such coverage, used-car owners reported paying a median of $1,000 for future service work they may never need if the car is reliable. But if hit by an expensive doozy of a problem—such as a busted camshaft or a blown head gasket—car owners may be glad they have an extended warranty

A Down Payment is Your Friend

A Down Payment is Your Friend

A down payment shouldn’t be seen as an obstacle to your auto loan. Rather, it should be viewed as something that really works to your advantage if you are dealing with poor credit.

In fact, the larger the down payment you are able to make, the more you are helping yourself out. Here are some of the benefits:

  • It can help your chances of being approved because it lowers the loan to value ratio.
  • A down payment reduces the amount of your monthly payment because it lowers the loan principal.
  • Or it can make shortening the loan term possible so you can pay off the loan faster, which means paying much less in interest charges.
  • It reduces the total amount of interest charges you’ll pay on the loan.
  • A down payment reduces the likelihood of you being upside down, which makes it easier to trade out or refinance sooner and more easily.

As you can see, it works in your favor to provide a down payment.

If you are looking to get approved for an auto loan, you don’t have to worry about your credit holding you back when you use Deals on Wheels. You can get the car you need and a chance to rebuild your credit.

Reasons to Buy From Deals on Wheels

  1. We are more about you than your circumstances. Lots of Good people have bad credit  If you live or work in the Missoula area, can document your income, and are honest about your circumstances, you are almost pre-approved for our program.
  2. Not rich enough to buy with cash?   Join the club.  All prices, down payments, monthly payments are displayed in each window of each one of our cars.  Some down payments are even as low as $100…and working class Missoula paychecks are enough to cover our car loans.  Full disclosure with no surprises and no games.  You will enjoy financing a car with us.
  3. Ever make a decision you regret later?   It’s no Problem here!  With our 2-Day, Money Back Guarantee, you can feel comfortable with your decision to do business with us… If not, bring it back and we will refund your money…No questions asked.
  4. When a challenge comes up, we’re here with you.  We promise to “all ways meet you half way” with whatever challenges come up in making your car payment.  New job?  Different pay dates?  Miss work because of an injury?  As long as you are doing what you can,  chances are we can help you the rest of the way.
  5. All cars eventually break down.  We can help.  All of our cars come with a 6-month 6000-mile warranty.  Even though used cars are unpredictable, our PROMISE to stand behind our warranty stands strong.
  6. We want you to own the car you drive.  With a low 19.95% annual interest rate, your payment actually goes to paying off your car.  Most of our customers have their loans paid off free and clear after about 36 months.
  7. You are not just buying a car..you’re joining our family.  It may be old fashioned, but we actually do care about our customers.  It surprises some people…but you will even hear from us on your birthday!

My Smoked BBQ Rib Recipe (pig candy)

Well its close to the 4th of July weekend and I am getting ready to make ribs,  and i have been ask many times to share my recipe.  I always kind of kept it to my self but now I am going to share the complete instructions.  First I like loin ribs that are cut St. Louis style if you don’t know what this is let me know I will help you.  So here we go.

  1. Buy spare ribs and trim them up St.Louis style but keep the tips they are great for smoked baked beans.
  2. Make sure to remove the silver skin on the back of the ribs ( this in very important)
  3. Rub the ribs with your favorite rib rub.  If I don’t want to make your own, I love Dizzy Pig’s Dizzy dust here is a link to there website it’s the best and I have tried them all.  Dizzy Pig BBQ
  4. Put them in the refrigerator over night
  5.  I light my smoker about 6 hours before I want to eat and get the temp stable at 215 degrees just high enough to make my water pan steam.  I don’t use water I only use Apple Juice in the pan (the only way to fly).
  6. Mop or spray the ribs once an hour with apple juice
  7. I use a mix of Peach and Apple wood for the smoke (tip don’t put the ribs on right after you put in the wood wait until the smoke turns blue) if you do they will have a bitter taste.
  8. smoke the ribs for 2 and a half hours.  This is the normal way everyone does ribs

Now for The MAGIC

After the ribs have been smoked for 2-1/2 hours take them off of the smoker and prepare them to be wrapped in foil. Here is the next step.

  1. Spray the ribs with spray butter
  2. Pour on your favorite Hot Sauce (I like Tiger Sauce for my ribs, you can get it at Wal-Mart)
  3. Pack the ribs with Dark brow sugar
  4. Pour clover honey on top of the brown sugar and wrap tightly with foil
  5. Put them back in the smoker for 2 more hours
  6. Remove from the smoker and take off the foil.
  7. Add more wood if you don’t have any good smoke then put the ribs back on the smoker
  8. Put them back in the smoker
  9. Apply your favorite BBQ Sauce I like famous Dave’s or you can make your own I usually let the sauce glaze the ribs for about 30-45

Congratulations its time to EAT

I have tried many different way to make ribs but this is my favorite I hope you like it.

Welcome to Our first post

This blog is about Missoula. This is where I live and work in the auto industry I will post topics like Credit questions Financing, Referral marketing and just about anything pertaining My community . I will try to help everyone understand just how the car market has changed over the the past decade and look forward to the future.Thank you for reading and sharing.